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Villa Del Tiglio, Portofino

Located in the picturesque Italian fishing village of Portofino known as the favourite haunt of the rich and famous, Villa Del Tiglio is an elegant home with traditional features and plenty of outdoor space. The townhouse is conveniently located just a few minutes walk away from the main piazza and a large selection of shops and restaurants yet still offers a secluded lush and quiet garden paradise for those looking for a European escape.

The 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom villa is arranged across various levels, making it a spacious and classic Italian home. The top roof terrace not only offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and the town below but also includes a small winter garden room.

The various levels of the garden can be access via an historic staircase that creates a beautiful backdrop to the property. Within the garden there is also separate accommodation with guest room, bathroom and terrace – ideal for guests who require their own privacy.

With Villa Del Tiglio’s wide windows, balconies, and terraces, its open-plan design has unrivalled views over the town of Portofino and its famous harbour, which hosts renowned luxury yachts from all over the world in the summer season.

Property Details:

  • Located in Portofino, famed as a resort village for the rich and famous
  • 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom villa
  • Bright and airy living room
  • Balconies overlooking Portofino and the famous harbour
  • Large mature Mediterranean garden set across several levels


EUR€8.5 million


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