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Ten minutes with…Steve Leung

One of the world’s leading designers, Steve Leung set up his practice back in 1987 and has since led over 1,000 projects including Hong Kong’s Gonpachi restaurant, Beijing’s Twelve Space residential development and the Hyatt Regency in Sha Tin.

What does good design mean to you?

I believe the main purpose of design is to serve a function or to improve people’s quality of life. It has to answer the needs of the target users.

Who are your major influences in the world of design?

I’m influenced by my uncles, one of whom is an architect and the other an amateur painter.

What inspires you today?

I usually get inspiration from everyday life. Observation is one way to accumulate daily experience and stimulate inspiration.

How much do you incorporate sustainability into your work?

Eco-friendly and sustainable design is a much-discussed topic for designers.To me, using durable, long-lasting materials is one of the ways to incorporate sustainability into design.

The most important lesson I have learnt in design is…

I extract valuable lessons with each project. Each brings its own set of unique constraints and challenges – this is how we evolve and progress as humans and what keeps my mind active.

What design elements make a happy home?

There is no absolute standard. I think when designing a home it is more important to put myself in the shoes of the end users and create a lifestyle that suits them most instead of trying to affect their behavior.

And a stylish restaurant?

I would say the design and lighting create an ambience for the restaurant.Textures and materials can enrich sensory enjoyment.

Are there any notable trends we should look out for in the next few months?

Intelligent homes are getting more popular thanks to the rapid development of technology. The demand for sustainable design will also increase.

If I had to limit my interiors shopping to one city it would be…

Italy. It is a world trendsetter and leader in design, and has produced some of the best furniture designers in the world.

The biggest faux-pas in interior design?

I believe one of the main purposes of design is to improve quality of life. So, there is a big problem when designers forget that.

My dream project would be…

My own boutique hotel, maybe in China, amidst good scenery.


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