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Ten minutes with…Joyce Wang

Interior designer Joyce Wang is responsible for Hong Kong restaurant favourites including Ammo and the recently opened Mott 32. She also designs lighting and furniture along with residential projects including a Ritz- Carlton penthouse project in Singapore.

What does good design mean to you?

It means striking a balance between objectivity and subjectivity, rational and emotional, discipline and indulgence. The most important thing is to make the audience think. Design shouldn’t be superficial – it’s an essential form of expression.

Who are your major influences in the world of design?

Austrian architect Adolf Loos for designing furniture, lighting and interiors that are inspirational, even today.

Secondly, fashion designer Tom Ford for bridging seamlessly into the world of film, creating his own production company and directing A Single Man in 2009.And finally the late Italian architect Carlo Scarpa for effortlessly creating a sense of theatre in his spaces.

What inspires you today?

Working with talented individuals – designers, craftsmen, fabricators, artists, clients – and hearing their personal take on the value of design. My inspirations also come from film, music and travel.

How much do you incorporate sustainability into your work?

My affinity for heritage projects is an expression of sustainability. Heritage projects allow my imagination to run wild. It’s about creating a portal for the audience to travel between and experience what once was and what now is.

The most important lesson I have learnt in design is…

Any idea can be a good idea if it is well executed.

What design elements make a happy home?

Home is a place to entertain and indulge yourself and those closest to you.There should be a sense of familiarity that is comforting and allows you to let your guard down.

And a stylish restaurant?

The kind of people in the restaurant and the quality of food it serves come before the design of a restaurant.

Are there any notable trends we should look out for in the next few months?

Recently, I’ve noticed a trend towards an expressionistic aesthetic with an emphasis on wit and humour, particularly in the UK.

If I had to limit my interiors shopping to one city it would be…

Paris, because it encapsulates and celebrates different eras of design.

The biggest faux-pas in interior design?

To over-design a space or follow a formula in order to churn out projects mechanically.You see this when interior design firms are operated as revenue-generating enterprises.

My dream project would be…

Any project brief from an ambitious client that challenges, inspires or even scares me. This could also be a self-initiated project.

Interview by Dominique Afacan

Mott 32 By Joyce Wang-22


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