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Ten minutes with…Jose Peman

LOFT catches up with Jose Peman, Designer & Developer of Calaconta Villas, Ibiza’s first gated luxury villa development.

What does good design mean to you?

Simplicity, comfort, functionality and integration with the environment; whether it be a house, or an object. Human creation has to be a part of and in peace with the world we live in.

What inspired you today?

The Serie Negra, by Equipo Cronica, the work of a group of Spanish artists in the 1960s which later became a seminal aesthetic influence in Spanish contemporary art.

Who are your influences in the world of architecture and design?

Niemeyer, Mies van der Rohe, Gehry, Aalto, Foster, Calatrava…

How much do you incorporate sustainability into your work?

It is a hugely important part of the design for my home and my developments including Calaconta. In Ibiza, they traditionally used small windows to keep the heat and the cold out of their island homes. Today we incorporate new materials that allow us to do the same thing but with panoramic glass windows instead. So whilst we can still keep the heat and the cold away, efficiently, we can also enjoy the beauty of Ibiza.

Cala Conta Ibiza CF087491

What elements do you think create a happy home?

The harmony between the architecture, the interior design and the personality of the people who live in the house. This is simple to say but very complex. I work with a young interior designer, a Catalan called Ornella Carrillo, who ‘reads’ the personality of the people before she designs.

The biggest faux-pas in interior design is…

To force a style instead of designing together with your client.

If I had to limit my interiors shopping to one city it would be…

Sorry, two: London and New York

My dream project would be…

Rehabilitating Old Habana, Cuba

Somewhere I wish I’d designed myself…

Just about anything that Gehry has designed.

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