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A diversified real estate opportunity in developed markets via a regulated fund

The asset-backed nature of real estate investment coupled with strong income returns means that investing in property remains extremely popular with savvy investors. However, owning individual properties — particularly overseas — presents unique challenges and risks such as tenant defaults, maintenance expenses, income revenue gaps between tenants and high exposure to price volatility, among others.

LOFT  is hosting a cocktail for its members to meet with property and investment specialists, Opulen Investment Management Ltd, to learn about UK real estate and the pros and cons of investing in a diverse, regulated real estate fund. The evening will also introduce members to the UK-based Silverton Real Estate Fund.

Date: Thursday, 31 July 2014

Time: 6:30pm cocktail reception | 7:00pm presentation begins

Venue: Club Lusitano, 27/F, 16 Ice House Street

RSVP: Space is strictly limited. To RSVP, please email

A buffet dinner will be served following the presentation.

About the Silverton Real Estate Fund:

The fund’s objective is to benefit from the income and capital growth potential of real estate assets in developed markets. It can invest in any sector including industrial, commercial and residential and aims to provide a target income of 7% per annum, paid annually to its investors. The total target return, including income, is 10% per annum net of fund fees and it is open ended with monthly liquidity.

About Opulen:

Opulen Investment Management Limited is the investment manager to the Silverton Real Estate Fund. The Opulen team offer fund investors’ decades of real estate investment and management expertise and identify, appraise and invest in lower risk, secure income yielding real estate opportunities in developed markets. Opulen Investment Management aims to enhance the return potential of mature assets through value-priced acquisition, re-development and improvement resulting in an accelerated investment horizon from acquisition to cash generation. Lower risk development opportunities may also be considered in industries and regions that offer highly favourable supply-demand and risk-return market dynamics.

Why real estate?

Owning real estate either directly or via a Fund not only buys the physical asset and the rights granted to the land, but it also buys the right to the future income stream from the land and/or buildings. Real estate as an asset class offers the following beneficial characteristics:

  • High income component of returns
  • Strong risk-adjusted return potential
  • Diversification benefits
  • An asset-back investment
  • Favourable demand-supply dynamics especially over the medium-long term

By investing in a diversified portfolio of real estate assets via a Fund, rather than buying just one (or a few) real estate units, investors reduce the project specific risks such as tenant defaults, liquidity risk, income gaps between tenants and the higher risk of price volatility in a less diversified portfolio. Investors also benefit from the investment team’s expertise and full-time management of the Fund’s assets and the fiduciary care of an independent auditor and administrator assigned to help protect investors’ interests.

Nothing on this web page should be constituted as an offer or invitation to anyone in any jurisdiction to invest in any investment product or use any services where such offer or invitation is not lawful. The contents of this page and the presentation have not been reviewed by any regulatory authority in Hong Kong. The Silverton Real Estate Fund is suitable for professional investors only.



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