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K.P.D.O. in Hong Kong

Australian design firm, K.P.D.O, has just unveiled its first Hong Kong development to investors and potential residents – the Tung Fat Building on Kennedy Town’s waterfront in the Western District of Hong Kong Island.

K.P.D.O. was tasked with breathing new life into the building by reimagining the property as eight luxury apartments and restoring its façade as to keep its longstanding heritage. Built in the attractive art-deco style of the 1960’s, the Tung Fat Building’s four spacious floors boast large windows and tall ceilings as well as sweeping vistas of Hong Kong Harbour across to Stonecutters Bay.

The design firm remained as true as possible to the original aesthetics of the building, working to preserve such elements as the cast terrazzo handrail and the mouldings. The faded exterior was remodelled and restored to a gleaming black and white – allowing the building to keep its retro-chic appearance.

Stephen Javens, Director of Architecture at K.P.D.O. states: “In a city like Hong Kong, there is growing concern that a building’s former heritage may be lost. We thereforetried to ensure the exterior of the Tung Fat Building underwent more of a restoration than an actual redevelopment, andsothe original iconic façade of the property remains aesthetically unchangednow.”

The Tung Fat Building showcases K.P.D.O.’s interior design philosophy of a strong architectural aesthetic coupled with intelligent practical solutions. The interior of the apartments has the modern base palette of white – coupled with pale, textured timber floors. This enabled the designers to bring the living space to life with different natural effects playing across the surfaces from morning to evening, which are only amplified by the mesmerizing light-scape of the water in the Harbour beyond.

Kerry Phelan, Founder of K.P.D.O. continues, “Hong Kong is a vibrant and exhausting city, where spaciousness is essential – especially when working in such confined spaces.We aimed to turn each of the eight apartments into a calm retreat, by creating simple and spacious living areas with exaggerated dimensions which express long views within each space.”

K.P.D.O. is proud of its unique“hands on” approach to the design process – turning each project into a strong working relationship with the client – with every new enterprise becoming a soulful, responsive journey of idea exploration rather than a static design methodology.

The Tung Fat Building is K.P.D.O’s first Hong Kong project. The design company have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline in the city and will continue to expand across Asia – so stay tuned for more.

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