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Jason Carlow


Jason Carlow is the founder and director of Hong Kong based C;A+D Carlow Architecture and Design. He is currently creating a stir at the Venice Biennale (August 29th – November 21st) where he is showcasing his plans for a residential skyscraper façade. Previous projects have seen him exhibiting at HK/Shenzhen Expo and renovating a designer pad in mid-levels, Hong Kong.

‘I’ve always been passionate about making things. My Dad was a woodworker and a teacher so I spent my childhood helping him out. I was always going to be a designer of some sort.

‘Alongside architecture, I teach at HK university. I get a kick out of doing both things at once. In HK students don’t tend to work with their hands – there is a kind of snobbery about manual work. I enjoy making that a part of the learning experience, it’s the best way to learn.

‘I find Hong Kong unique in that it is a hugely inspirational city made up of largely uninspiring buildings. The treats are to be found in between the buildings, down the tiny cramped alleyways and in the city’s buzzing atmosphere.

‘I think Shanghai is one of the most exciting cities architecturally. There’s so much history there, so many art deco buildings. My favourite is the 1933 – an old slaughterhouse that’s been converted from an abbatoir into an arts hub.

‘I would love the chance to design more projects on a larger scale; such as towers or civic buildings like schools or museums.  I’m also working on a plan to design and produce a line of ecologically sustainable furniture.

‘My ideal home is relatively simple. It’s minimal, but comfortable. It’s open, with spaces that flow into one another. I enjoy life when living, cooking, eating and entertaining can happen in the same space.

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