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  • Ben Brown

    Ben Brown

    LOFT spoke to Ben Brown, who recently collaborated with Tim Jefferies (featured in the upcoming Issue 4) for the Westminster Terrace, about purchasing high-end art photography for the home. Read more >

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  • Matt Hermer

    Matt Hermer

    LOFT interviews the founder of Boujis – in town to promote the pop-up version of the club and to source a property for a more permanent Boujis.

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  • Paul Hicks

    Paul Hicks

    Paul Hicks, a founder of Hong Kong based PR firm Grebstad Hicks Communications is one of the brains behind a luxury 6-bedroom private villa in Koh Samui. Read More >

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  • Steve Leung

    Steve Leung

    Interior designer and architect Steve Leung has led the design pack in Hong Kong for over 20 years. And he is still going strong – in enough demand that he can pick and choose projects on a whim and with enough experience to power up original ventures of his own.

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  • Jason Carlow

    Jason Carlow

    Jason Carlow is the founder and director of Hong Kong based C;A+D Carlow Architecture and Design.

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