Seoul’s Warped Wonder

The recently unveiled GT Tower East is at first glance closer to a mind-bending vision from the blockbuster Inception than a conventional office tower. On second look it reveals itself as a beautifully twisted marvel of modern architecture, located in downtown Seoul, South Korea.

The imaginative design was dreamt up by Dutch architects Peter Couwenbergh and Edgar Bosman of Rotterdam-based architectural firm ArchitectenConsort, who chose a uniform glass finish for the building’s façade, resulting in a mesmeric undulating motion that plays with light and form. Completed in February, the GT Tower East is the first stage of a larger architectural unit and while the GT Tower West has not yet begun construction, upon completion the formidable pair will proudly challenge the conventional paradigms of cubic, angular design.

The 130-metre office tower has a total floor space of 54,000 sq. metres, slated for commercial and cultural uses, as well as parking. Many sustainability measures are also integrated into the design including a well-insulated facade, solar panels for generating power and plenty of natural light and ventilation throughout.

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