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Top 10 Eco Home Finishes

10 great Eco-friendly finishes for the home.

Black Rhythm Flensted Mobile

An elegant aluminium construction with fluid, rotating individual sections that evoke a delicate sense of balance and harmony – serving as great focal points in a room. These fantastic Flensted mobiles are handcrafted in Denmark using traditional, low-energy production methods and simple raw materials.


Curly Lamp Shade

Designer Charlie Whinney’s creation uses over 15 metres of steam-bent Ash – sourced from sustainable forests in the UK – arching and coiling around a central frame, creating a lively and captivating play of light and shadow. Available in two sizes.

From HK$3,100,


An ingenious marriage of functionality, style and sustainability all provided in this seating/storage solution from Hong Kong eco fashion boutique ECOLS. The lovely patterned grain in the wood, which is reclaimed teak from deconstructed buildings, gives it a handsome finish.

Price on request,

Ovetto Recycling Bin

This novel design by architect Gianluca Soldi encourages users to recycle their waste through its engaging and innovative design; made with recycled plastic, with three compartments for separating recyclables and a nifty bottle crusher at the top.


Live Moss Carpet

An intriguing concept; this soft-grass bathroom carpet takes its sustenance from the drops of water and the resulting humidity produced by your daily ablutions. The mat is made up of a patchwork of ball moss, forest moss and island moss, with a base of plastazote foam ensuring the prevention of mold and other equally-unsightly growth from forming.

Price on request,

Recycled Thermometer and Wall Clock

A smart collection of slate-like recycled paper clocks that started with humble beginnings; each of these clocks began life as vending machine coffee cups, which now serve as handy devices to divine time and temperature – great for keeping on eye on time when out on the patio.

From HK$350,

Luau LED Light

LOFT loves the elegant, portable design of these glowing orbs, with over 10 hours of illumination provided from a single charge. The enchanting glow emanating from its LED light source adds a subtle ambience to any scene – whether it’s resting poolside or sat by the bed.


Rectangular Husky Table

Reclaimed teak comprises the raw material for this smart dining table found in Tree’s latest collection – a shining example of the Hong Kong based company’s commitment to eco-conscious design that doesn’t sacrifice anything in the style department.

Approx. HK$10,000 – 14,000 depending on size,

Recycled Paper Vases

Pretty in pastels, these recycled paper vases from ECOLS are perfect to add a touch of colour to any room.

From HK$220,

Rib Chair

Bold, modern design from Atlanta-based eco-furnishing company Shiner. Posterior support is formed by the lacquered birch plywood planks (“ribs”) slotted into a robust birch frame – all sourced from environmentally responsible sources in the USA.



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