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Ten minutes with…Tamzin Greenhill

Model-turned-interior designer, Tamzin Greenhill, is behind the sleek metropolitan décor of new development Queens Park Place, London.

Tell us about your design process for Queens Park Place.
It was simple, classic timeless design, which is the way I approach all my projects, I hate to be too trendy and “of the moment” as your design can quickly look out of style.

What do you think is the best thing about the Queen’s Park area?
It is really super central, has a gorgeous park, lots of cute cafes, restaurants and shops, and has a real community. Fabulous for every age group. I bought my first apartment there when I was 24.

What is your favourite feature of the apartments?
I like the floor to ceiling windows and fabulous views.

3 words to describe your style?
Chic, timeless, layered.

In what ways do your designs reflect your personality?
I like order and symmetry, this helps me feel balanced, I hate clutter, it makes me crazy.

What design trend would you like to banish?
High headboards.

If you could decorate any building in the world, which would you choose?
Maison de verre in Paris, it is an iconic piece of architecture designed by Pierre chareau.

You have impressive achievements in modeling and designing, what is your proudest career moment?
My apartment was featured on the cover of US ELLE DÉCOR, it is really like doing the front cover of USA Vogue if you are a model, I was super proud of myself – it’s a huge design achievement.

In what ways have your experiences in the fashion industry influenced your design style?
The fashion industry is always changing and evolving, I like to evolve and not get stagnant doing the same old thing. It drives my husband nuts as I buy furniture and two years later I want to sell it. That’s just the way I am, I get bored easily unless it is really collectable. I always stick to my saying when I am in a quandary about something, “buy cheap, buy twice”. It is my golden rule, I never buy something just because it is cheaper- it is inevitably the wrong decision.

You have lived in London, Paris, New York and Tokyo. Which country do you think has the best design style?
That’s a hard one as they all have their thing, however I would say a mix of Paris and New York.


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