British designed building tops out in China

LOFT looked across the border to Shenzhen as the completion date for the Kingkey Finance Tower draws closer on the 441.8-metre tower, which will become the tallest building in the city. It will not China’s tallest building (that title belongs to the 492-metre Shanghai World Financial Tower) however Kingkey Finance Centre will match the height of the USA’s tallest tower Chicago’s Willis (Sears) Tower, and dwarf all the surrounding structures in downtown Shenzhen.

It’s expected the building will ‘top out’ in late April – referring to when the last beam is laid – with an expected completion date in August. The 100-storey tower will be one of the world’s tallest mixed-use buildings and comprises over 210,000 square metres of accommodation, includes 70 floors of ‘Grade A’ office space and 20 floors occupied by the ‘6 star’ St. Regis hotel. The top three floors are earmarked for a Sky Garden with high-end restaurants and views that stretch across the city and over the border to Hong Kong.

The tower is part of a larger development including five residential towers, one commercial building and the five-floor KK Mall which boasts an impressive glass atrium roof and Shenzhen’s first IMAX theatre (who’s designs by Alexander Wong Architects were previously featured by LOFT) – all of which are already completed and operational.

When finally completed, Central London’s ‘Shard of Glass’ will be Britain’s tallest building at 310 metres, however it will be the Kingkey Finance Centre that holds the title of the tallest building in the world designed by a British architect – Sir Terry Farrell.

His firm TFP Farrells, whose portfolio includes high-profile projects such as the iconic MI6 headquarters on the River Thames and the recent regeneration of Earl’s Court, has also recently been appointed to help design Beijing’s Z15 Tower which is planned to top out at more than 500 metres.

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