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Robin Beaumont

Bringing 5 star hotel luxury into the bedroom

LOFT speaks to Robin Beaumont, founder of Sleep Naked – a company who specialise in supplying luxury linens for home-use and top hotel chains and resorts globally.

What was the driving force behind setting up Sleep Naked?
Quite simply, it was really the result of hundreds of emails from people who have stayed at the hotels we supply to, not knowing where to find such high quality product to use at home. We wanted to create a hassle-free portal for them to have retail access to hotel quality linen, towels etc.
We just wanted to offer people really high quality bed linen at a realistic price that is affordable for everyone.

In your opinion, how can luxury linens be the perfect finish for a luxury property?
When you decide to purchase a luxury property you also want equally luxurious furnishings such as truly comfortable beds and mattresses. So why would you then go and ruin it with cheap, itchy bed linen, foam pillows and sponge-like duvets? Sleep Naked only produces and supplies white linens, because white is also the only colour that goes with everything, so as you change the décor in your bedroom the bed linen always looks complimentary. It is easy to match and always looks stylish and inviting.

How do your products stand apart from the competitors also boasting “5-star hotel quality”?

Well, we can’t comment on our competitors but it is very easy to say you supply 5 star hotels without actually doing it. Sleep Naked is owned by parent company Beaumont & Brown Ltd and we supply a host of 5 star hotels all over the world: W Hotels, Atlantis Dubai, Claridges London and many more, which means quite simply that we actually do produce 5-star hotel quality linens.

What differentiates Sleep Naked’s sheets from Ikea bedspreads – is it simply a higher thread count?
It’s not all about the thread-count; high thread-count alone is no good if the cotton yarn used is of low quality and if the finishing process is not to a high standard. Supplying the 5 star hotel industry is a completely different kettle of fish to just supplying for retail. All beds are inspected daily by strict housekeepers so the whiteness and finish has to be perfect. The bed linen, towels and robes are all washed daily in a commercial laundry so we cannot cut corners in manufacturing, otherwise the products will fall apart and we have to replace them within 48 hours. Our products are made to last at least 4 years being washed everyday.

You offer a tailor-made service for odd-shaped beds – how odd do they get?
The oddest we have had is for a circular bed with “His Side” and “Her Side” embroidered on the pillowcases. The other common requests for strange shape are for beds on luxury super yachts.

In your travels you must have had the chance to sample some fine hotel bedspreads – but who has the best sheets?
I would say The W Hotel Group would be up there, The Peninsula Hotels of course, but quite often I would suggest that you actually find the best stuff in smaller boutique hotels.

Do you have any favourite interior brands and which ones occupy the corners of your own home?

I’m a huge fan of Vi-Spring mattresses, and I think that Molten Brown toiletries are fantastic.

Quality linens aside, do you have any tips for recreating that 5-star hotel experience in the home?
Things I love in hotel rooms which can easily be replicated at home are the little extra luxuries like Bose iPod Docking Stations, big flat screen TVs, power showers and a fully stocked mini bar. I would also recommend keeping the clutter out of the bedroom as much as possible. The joy of being on holiday and staying in a hotel is the absence of the little bits and pieces of life that we associate with our responsibilities and commitments.

Does quality linen enhance all activities between the sheets, from sleeping to more active pursuits?
Absolutely. Just be careful it doesn’t make you late for work too often.

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