FREE design museum in Mexico City

LOFT loves the amorphous design of the soon-to-be-opened “Museo Soumaya”, a museum in the western part of Mexico City, scheduled to open to the public later this month after a four year development.

Designed by FREE, the architectural practice of young Mexican designer Fernando Romero, the venue will exhibit more than 6,200 works of contemporary and historical art over 60,000 square feet. The museum is made up of 28 steel curved columns, each with it’s own twisting geometry, connected by rings and a diagonal series to form an intriguing isometric structure. Internally, each of its six level has its own dimension due to the curvature of the building’s design, and the gorgeous façade is comprised of highly reflective hexagonal aluminium modules, which will no doubt also optimize the building’s preservation and durability in the hot Mexican sun.

The bold design is typical of the influential young designer, who has been anointed with numerous awards including “Architect of the Year 2010” by Fashion Group, and has a diverse portfolio of iconic projects including the Bridge Tea House in Jinhua, China and the proposed Border Museum in Matamoros, Mexico (which, to LOFT’s great dismay, has unfortunately remained a hypothetical concept).

Photo Credit: Adam Wiseman

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