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Travellers who possess an insatiable appetite for culture may have their curiosity perked by the creative residences on offer at Brody House, located in Hungary’s bustling capital city of Budapest.

LOFT is impressed with its eight individually styled bedrooms and one guest apartment that comprise the unique residence. Each room showcases works by one of the resident artists and bears the name of the individuals who styled them, giving each a unique character and decor. There are also four parlours at your disposal, should you wish to host a dinner party or plan an event.

Built in the mid-1800s, the Gregorian house once served as the Prime Minister’s residence and has stood up against the hardships of the Second World War and the Hungarian uprising of 1956. These days, Brody House plays host to a variety of cultural and social events for members, involving exhibitions, guest speakers, club nights and musical performances by those running in Budapest’s artistic circles and notable guests from abroad.

In a nutshell, Brody House is a unique refuge for creative souls and out-of-town visitors visiting Hungary’s cultural capital – everything LOFT loves for an alternative holiday hideaway!

(And while you’re there, have a glimpse at’s Budapest Travel Guide and to immerse yourself in Budapest’s rich culture and historical sights.)

Photo credit: Tamás Bujnovszky

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