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Design Shuffle

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Hello, everyone! It’s Mari here from Design Shuffle, a fabulous social networking site for interior designers to showcase their work and design enthusiasts to find decorating ideas for their own projects.  As part of my job I often have the opportunity to visit design blogs to share some of the beautiful spaces I’ve discovered in my online travels.

Today’s guest post is about stunning over-the-top interior spaces. Rooms can be seen as “over-the-top” for many diverse reasons—architecture, ceiling height, room size, furnishings, lighting or even panoramic views. Please enjoy!

Over the Top Interiors

New York City’s East Village is home to this unexpected playground element that connects two floors of a beautiful penthouse. Of course, there is a gorgeous staircase for use by less adventurous souls.

Over the Top Interiors

Sometimes a living space can be taken to the level of stunning by a single element added to an already beautiful design. Haldane Martin’s Fiela Feather Chandelier is that one piece of over-the-top loveliness.

Over the Top Interiors

This dining room is all about the view. Wouldn’t any gathering be more interesting and humblest of food more appeal with an open expanse of vineyards in sight just outside?

Over the Top Interiors

Over-the-top rustic meets contemporary functionality in the kitchen of the Segovia, Spain, home of architect Ana Girod. Filled with kitchen design ideas, this space is the ultimate rustic redo.

Over the Top Interiors

A beautiful contemporary bedroom goes over-the-top gorgeous with a sail-like canopy sweeping across the entire ceiling. Is there anything not to love about this stunning space?

Over the Top Interiors

At times over-the-top comes in the simplest of designs. What could be more stunning than a bath enveloped in wood? Perhaps wood walls and a sleek and gorgeous wood tub—as seen in this exquisite Uruguayan ranch house bathing space.

Over the Top Interiors

One man’s dream garage becomes an over-the-top interior. This one takes the phrase “man cave” to an entirely new level of design.

Over the Top Interiors

This beautiful home embodies every over-the-top element one could wish for–panoramic view, stunning architecture, interior design with inviting lofty spaces, intriguing lighting and so much more.  Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What did you think about these stunning interiors? Let us know in the comments section and don’t forget to check out Design Shuffle for some over-the-top bedroom decorating ideas for your own home!


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