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Ten minutes with…Bonita Spencer-Percival

She’s been a ballerina for the Royal ballet, a stylist for boy band Take That, danced with Pans People and is best mates with Lulu. It’s no surprise that our interview with Bonita Spencer-Percival was packed with energy – this woman is a powerhouse. Tiny, perfectly coiffed and wonderfully chatty, LOFT met her at the new offices of Spencer Ogden, the world’s fastest growing energy recruitment agency, to talk about her latest project – bringing corporate offices to life.

What made you want to become direct designer at Spencer Ogden?
My husband is one half of Spencer Ogden [David Spencer-Percival, CEO] so it was a very natural thing to happen. I wanted to enjoy myself a bit more and do something that was more on my own time. Design comes very naturally to me, as I am a huge perfectionist. I have a vision as soon as I see a space and from that moment it’s easy. Tick, tick, tick! Its like clockwork!

What is it like working with your husband?
David and I are a great team and we tend to agree on design ideas. He is as good as I am at shopping! He loves changing the scenery though so we’ve moved house about 30 times! Luckily I thrive on a new project, visualizing it and making it happen. Each one has been a great experience.

So what’s the main idea behind the office space?
I want to liven things up! Every office we run worldwide has some shared features then we try to add some local flavour. The astro turf, the 1950s American diner-style kitchens are in every office. I guess I hold our surroundings in great esteem. My background in theatre might have something to do with that. I remember at the start of my dancing career rolling up at the most dingy theatres and then seeing them two hours later looking spectacular. I think that’s how I look at interior design too – anything is possible.

Do you think the space will encourage productivity?
Absolutely. Appearances count for a lot. As a stylist I realised that and it translates into interiors. I want people to feel energized by the space. A drab grey office is uninspiring. We have this amazing boardroom with antique Chinese chairs and contemporary Chinese art and a Club room that is basically a carbon copy of the living room in our home. We’ve even installed a kitsch fireplace!

 What is your favourite piece in the office?
I love the statue of the Mongolian warrior in the Club room. We’ve got three more at home!

What’s next for you and for Spencer Ogden?
On return to the UK, we shall be starting several other offices in international locations where we are expanding the brand.

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