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Ten minutes with…Ed Ng

LOFT speaks to the co-founder of Hong Kong’s multi award-winning design practice AB Concept. The firm has just released their first book, The Language Of Luxe, a beautiful collection of some of their most impressive projects, including W Retreat & Spa in Bali, Pacific Place Apartments and now the duplex at The Masterpiece

You recently completed duplex at The Masterpiece ­– give us the lowdown!

Its one of the tallest residential buildings in Hong Kong, located at the top of K11, an exclusive art mall in TST. The unit is one of a kind, you couldn’t hope for more. The developer treated it like a jewel. They wanted to make sure that it was beautifully done – which was where we came in!


– How do you make a luxury residence stand out in the crowded HK market?

A lot of  the Hong Kong community translates luxury into dollar signs. But for us we try to think more about character. When we first saw the unit we were blown away by the view. We decided to make this the focal point – which is a luxury in itself.


– Which brands did you use for the interiors of The Masterpiece?

To name just a few, a pendent light sculpture by Sharon Marston, a horse hair carpet by Kyle Bunting and furniture by Ralph Pucci, Giorgetti and Promemoria.

– How have you incorporated current design trends in the design?

At AB Concept we always say we do not follow trends. Trends come and go – everything has to have a story and a reason and that way it will last. That’s our philosophy.

– Which of AB’s projects are you most proud of?

Usually projects where our clients give us 100% trust turn out to be the most successful. A good design needs a good designer, and a good designer needs a good client with a good brief, in order to make a good design!

– How did you start Ab Concepts?

I’ve worked at a hospitality design firm, an architecture firm and as an owner’s rep – so I’ve seen every side of the story. When I met Terence – we both felt it was time to do something of our own. We felt we had good synergy – when an architect and an interior designer come together it’s a perfect match.

– What or who are you inspired by?

Andree Putman – who sadly just passed away. She had a very good grasp of timeless luxury. Also Tom Ford – particularly his use of material, colour and his exploration of luxury.

– Do you feel that Hong Kong’s art and culture scene is evolving? How does this effect your work?

Art Basel is coming to Hong Kong for the first time in May, which is very exciting. I think it’s a big step. The more people understand art, the more they will understand our work. You can measure how expensive the marble you use is, you can translate your timber flooring into dollar signs, but art is the only thing that in so many ways is defined by taste.

– What is you ideal project?

We already work with high end luxury hospitality brands – my ideal project is more about the desintation. The more exotic, the better as we get more inspired the further we go. We just got confirmation for our first project in Sydney doing a refurbishment of the Shangri=La which is a good start!

– Favourite building in HK that you didn’t build/design?

Definitely OPUS. It’s one of a kind, it will not happen again. We’re very proud to be partaking in the design of one of the units – we’re working on it now with the residents. It’s an amazing space.


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